Big ships this coming week

May 18th, 2014

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This week will mark the start of the really busy times for Skagway………example of summer weeks (visitors on ships)

M—–5,200      The larger the people count the more fun, you see and meet all types.

T—–10,300      We are both doing fine and I am starting to plan our route home and then to FOY for winter.

w——9,300       We will have some friends joining us at FOY this winter that we worked with here in Skagway in 10 & 11 and look forward to that.

T——5,860        Our group this year aren’t the social animals we had when we were before.  Sylvia has ban me from being the one to bring up the

F——2,804        idea of socials and potlucks so I just behave.

S——1,440        Stay in touch and see you later………………………………………….


Start Day is upon us

May 2nd, 2014

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Well here we are two weeks later and we are set to go with our first ship docking this morning, only 2400 on this one.  They will  get larger and more ships per day starting the end of next week.  We seem to have a good group of people in the park,  seven  Workamping couples and three singles in the park plus 6 maybe 7 who are staying in apartments in town.  We are having our first pot-luck this Sunday so we will see how everyone blends.  Weather has been really nice for this time of year ( was 68 yesterday) a little windy some days however advantage to that is no mosquitoes that way.  More later………….

Safe and getting settled

April 17th, 2014

Well here we are at 2.2 mile Klondike Hwy in Skagway, AK.  We arrived Last evening and got a little rest and have spent the day setting things up, going to Post Office -visiting ole friends-went to hardware store-grocery store.  Will enjoy our weekend and start to work Monday.  more later…….

Slip and Go

April 15th, 2014

Tues 4/15 3pm at Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake, YT.  Spent Monday night at Toad River Lodge/RV at Mile 422 AK highway, when we got up this morning was snowing and had been overnight.  Took off  about 8’am hadn’t went far when I wished we had stayed put at least for couple hours.  In order to sum it let me say I had to focus strongly to keep the trailer from being lead vehicle for about 25 miles which took almost an hour.  No hitches safe and sound as we speak.  Whitehorse Wednesday then Skagway on Thursday.  More later

Jump off point

April 14th, 2014

Monday 4/14 4:30 am, we in in Dawson Creek, BC at the start of the ALCAN (Alaska Highway) app. 950 miles to go.  Temp outside is 25 degrees and in the forecast for today between here and Fort Nelson (286 miles) is chance of snow.  This is our 3rd trip up here and all have been in April, this is by far the coldest or I am just getting older……you think.  Hope to be in Whitehorse, YT on Wednesday and then down into Skagway on Thursday.  Nothing new to report otherwise so till later….bye bye

COLD where we are at now………….

April 12th, 2014

Saturday am 4/12 and we are in Cache Creek,BC and the temp this morning 29 with forecast of  16 tonight.  We didn’t cross border into Canada until Friday.  We spent Thursday night in Arlington, WA after getting thru Seattle I needed a drink, well maybe a couple drinks so we stopped early and crossed border Friday.  Beautiful drive up today  however weather is turning to be a lot like winter.  Headed up to Prince George today and look forward to the drive.  Temp tonight in PG will be in the mid teens.  More later…………..


Our travels to date

April 9th, 2014

After all my different trip routes this is the one we took and glad we did the drive is beautiful.We spent last Friday in Indio, CA then on to Lemoore CA( 344 miles) on to Corning, CA( 314 miles). Spent Sunday afternoon and Monday with some very dear friends from Chico, CA.  We are always made welcome when we come thru and Thanks to Ernie  & Lois, Marty & Skip for making time for us.  Last night we stopped 269 miles up I-5 at Seven Feathers RV Park in Canyonville, OR and this is one of the nicest parks we have stayed in.  We are headed to Rochester, WA today, it is about 300 miles up the highway.  Will be crossing into Canada sometimes Thursday. Will let you know how are crossing goes as that is the part of trip that can be a bit of a pain.  We will hope for the best and commit the rest.  More later……….


Rough Road of a Short-timer

March 21st, 2014

We are now at 2 weeks out before heading for Alaska and the hitch-itch is really getting strong.  Our plan is to be out the gate Friday afternoon April 4th and go over to local Casino and have Seafood Buffet / dry camp and head North Saturday morning. We are going to spend a couple day in Corning, CA. outside of Chico to visit friends then Canada bound and on  to Alaska.  Plan is to be into Skagway by April 17th or 18th.  Looking at the long range weather for April……temps running 10-12 degrees below normal average so it will be a fun trip and looking forward to it.  More later………

Prep Work

February 22nd, 2014

Well prep work goes on…….had 5th wheel roof re-caulked and coated a few weeks ago and this weekend it is getting a wax job.

Sylvia has been going thru the inside getting it ready as much as you can 6 weeks out.  Yea 6 weeks from today we pull out headed

for Skagway, Alaska and our summer home (gig).  We are looking forward to it almost as much as we did the first time in 2010.

This will be where we post our travels north so check site out on regular basis.

Start of trip 2014

February 19th, 2014

Getting ready…………..